PlanPrinting24 is a fast and economical way to get your drawings printed. We are one of the lowest cost suppliers online. The prices below are for a single plan printed in either Black & White or colour. If you require encapsulation you must add that cost to the printing cost. There is a minimum order of £5.00 and each order carries a £5.00 delivery charge (folded only, rolled is £10.00). However the delivery charge is fixed no matter how many drawings you order. All orders are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.

Size Black & White Colour Encapsulation
A0 £0.75 £5.00 £15.00
A1 £0.40 £2.95 £10.00
A2 £0.30 £2.00 £7.50
A3 £0.25 £1.00 £5.00
A4 £0.10 £0.50 £3.00

Minimum order: £5.00 (a surcharge will be added if order is below this value)
Delivery on all folded orders: £5.00
Delivery on all rolled orders: £10.00
Delivery on mixed folded and rolled orders: £15.00
All prices subject to VAT @ 20%

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