Terms and Conditions of Trade


'Delivery': when the goods are made available at Hobs' premises.
'We' / 'our' / 'Hobs': Hobs Group and associated companies.


  1. The Customer warrants that all material presented to us for processing is free of any third-party copyright.
  2. It is our policy that we do not accept material for processing unless it is accompanied by either:
    1. the Customer’s certificate that the work is not protected by copyright,
    2. the Customer’s certificate that the Customer holds the copyright,
    3. the copyright holder’s written consent for processing.
  3. The Customer indemnifies us against all costs, claims and losses sustained by Hobs caused by infringement of copyright material provided to us by the Customer or arising from processing undertaken by us in accordance with the Customer’s instructions.
  4. Hobs retains the rights to the works it creates.


  1. All prices are ex-works and strictly net, unless specifically quoted.


  1. Unless a credit account has been specifically opened, all work is due for payment on Delivery.
  2. Hobs and the Customer intend that Property in the goods passes upon Delivery.
  3. If a company not known to us wishes to pay by cheque, we ask for an order or letter of authorisation before the work is started. If a company not known to us requests immediate credit, a Director must approve this request before work is started.
  4. Unless otherwise agreed, any grant of credit facility is made on the condition that payment is made within 30 days of the invoice date and Hobs Group and associated companies reserve the right to withdraw credit facilities forthwith if this condition is not complied with.
  5. Hobs reserves the right to charge the maximum daily interest rate permitted under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations on payments which are 30 days past the due date of the invoice.
  6. We are not deemed to have received payment until the cheque has cleared in our account.


  1. The contract of sale is concluded upon Delivery.
  2. The Customer is entrusted with Property in the goods as Bailee only until the price is paid in full.


  1. 'Delivery' under this subheading is to be construed in the dictionary sense of transportation.
  2. Hobs deliver goods at our discretion. If it is convenient and proximate to our routine delivery runs then Hobs will often gratuitously deliver the goods to your specified address.
  3. If we are unable to deliver your goods as above we will deliver the goods at whichever is the greater of £20 or 80p per mile.
  4. Dispatch of goods by post is charged at the cost we pay for postage and packaging.
  5. Dispatch by courier will be charged at the cost charged by the courier and the cost we pay for packaging.
  6. Any delivery date given is an estimate and we accept no liability whatsoever arising from our failing to deliver by the estimated date.


  1. Whilst every reasonable care will be taken with the Customer’s materials and film accepted for processing, the Company’s liability for any loss or damage (whether arising from loss of, or damage to, materials, or from delay, or from any other cause whatsoever) is limited in the case of any one transaction to:
    1. the replacement value of any material supplied by the customer (materials are accepted by us on the understanding that their replacement value does not exceed the current retail price of the materials) and
    2. consequential loss being limited to a maximum of £50. Where a material is of extremely high value the Customer must declare this to the Company in writing prior to work being undertaken.
    3. Customers’ original prints and artwork will be mounted or laminated only at our discretion
    4. The Customer understands that when prints are produced at different times it is impossible to guarantee for the goods an exact colour match due to the limitations of colour processes. If the Customer does not provide a sample or colour guide with the order and inform us that colour matching is important, then the colour will be determined by our technicians, whose decision is final, and the Customer waives all rights of redress for unsatisfactory colour.
    5. We are happy to provide a proof on request where graphics are added to photographic images, or where colour is important. If the customer declines to use this service, the Company does not accept liability and the decision of our technicians will be final in relation to the product, and the Customer waives all rights of redress.


  1. All orders are produced to customer supplied instructions and artwork files. It is therefore the Customer’s sole responsibility to ensure that these instructions are correct and the artwork is suitable for printing, prior to placing the order. Once the order is placed, it cannot be cancelled or refunded.
  2. In the unlikely event that the purchased product does not meet our internal Quality Standards, a refund may be considered. Under such circumstances, any refund or part refund will be provided solely at the discretion of Hobs.
  3. An application made for a refund seven days after Delivery will not be considered under any circumstances.
  4. Zero Rated VAT Products
    In line with HMRC guidelines, we offer a certain number of printed products at a Zero VAT Rating. If on inspection of the customer’s order, we believe that the content supplied does not qualify for a Zero VAT Rating, we reserve the right change the purchase conditions to a standard VAT paying basis.