Roald Dahl's Enduring Impact on the Printing World

13 September 2023

Stamp with a picture of Roald Dahl's characters on it

I stumbled upon a quiz on BBC, where you find out which Roald Dahl Villain are you?

And it got me thinking about how Roald Dahl has impacted the world of printing.a literary giant renowned for his imaginative and whimsical tales, has had a profound impact on the world of printing. His contributions extend beyond the realms of literature, as they have influenced how we perceive, design, and print a poster or any other printed material. In this article, we will explore the multifaceted ways in which Roald Dahl's work has shaped the world of printing, especially in the age of online printing.

His stories are known for their captivating characters, vivid settings, and whimsical illustrations. His collaborations with talented artists like Quentin Blake have produced iconic visuals that have graced book covers, posters, and various printed materials. These illustrations play a crucial role in capturing the essence of Dahl's narratives, making them visually appealing and memorable.

In the world of printing, this emphasis on storytelling through visuals has left an indelible mark. Designers and printers have learned the value of using captivating images to complement written content, whether it's a book cover, a promotional poster, or an advertising campaign. Roald Dahl's approach has influenced countless designers to understand the power of visual storytelling in the printing world.


Dahl's ability to create fantastical worlds, populated by extraordinary characters and creatures, has inspired countless artists, designers, and printers. His works encourage them to think beyond the ordinary and to embrace the limitless possibilities of imagination.

In the context of printing, this imaginative approach has led to a surge in creativity. Printers now push the boundaries of traditional design, experimenting with colours, textures, and finishes to bring imagination to life on paper. Online printing platforms offer a range of customisable options, allowing customers to print a poster or any other material that reflects their unique visions and ideas.

Cultivating a Love for Reading

Roald Dahl's books have been instrumental in instilling a love for reading in generations of children. His engaging storytelling and relatable characters make his works accessible and enjoyable for young readers. As a result, many children have developed a passion for books, which often includes collecting and cherishing printed materials related to their favorite stories.

This love for reading has naturally extended to a love for printed materials, including posters, bookmarks, and collectible editions of books. The printing industry has benefitted from this passion, as readers seek high-quality, visually appealing printed materials that allow them to further immerse themselves in the world of their favorite authors.

And a lot of those books have frequently been adapted into successful films, broadening their reach and popularity. These film adaptations often lead to the creation of promotional materials, including posters, merchandise, and tie-in editions of the books. The collaboration between the worlds of literature and cinema has created new opportunities for the printing industry.

For example, the release of a film adaptation often results in a surge in demand for posters featuring characters and scenes from the movie. Online printing services cater to this demand, offering fans the ability to create custom posters and memorabilia related to their favourite films and books.

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It's now easier than ever for individuals and businesses to create and print materials. Online printing platforms have become a cornerstone of this transformation, allowing users to design and print a poster, brochure, or any other item with just a few clicks.

Roald Dahl's influence on the printing world is particularly evident in the digital arena. His books remain popular, and fans often turn to online printing services to create personalised Dahl-themed materials. From birthday party invitations adorned with Dahl's characters to classroom posters promoting his books, online printing platforms have made it possible for people to bring their love for Dahl's work to life in print.

Roald Dahl's enduring impact on the printing world transcends his status as a beloved author. His emphasis on illustrative storytelling, encouragement of boundless imagination, cultivation of a love for reading, and influence on book-to-film adaptations have all contributed to the evolution of the printing industry. In the digital age, online printing platforms have made it easier than ever for fans and creators to celebrate Dahl's work through printed materials. As we continue to cherish his stories and characters, Roald Dahl's influence on the printing world remains a testament to the enduring power of imagination and creativity.

P.S. If you're wondering, I was The Enormous Crocodile from The Enormous Crocodile! 

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